Environmental Bagging System


The EBS Features:

  • 25 to 30 consistent bags per minute
  • Easy 20 minute set-up
  • Flow Enhancement System negates bridging of product
  • Bags are held in place on the spout by clamps, not operator hands.
  • 2.5 Cubic Yard Hopper with Flow Enhancement Devices (FEDS).
  • The EBS is totally self-contained with it’s own diesel engine, hydraulic unit, and generator, gasoline or electric option is available, all are protected and enclosed.
  • Variable speed conveyor conveniently moves bags from spout to workers who are ready to stack.
  • Easy-fill hopper is designed to allow loading by any machinery with a lifting height of 90” or greater.
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EBS Photos

Express Scale Parts and Manufacturing has been manufacturing weighing, bagging and conveying equipment since 1977. We have the experience and unmatched expertise in the bagging industry.

We proudly announce our newest piece of equipment, The Environmental Bagging System. The EBS can bag a variety of products, including, but not limited to, sand, soil, mulch, bio-solids, and processed arbor debris. Depending on product and bag size, the EBS can fill up to 30 bags per minute. Sandbags can be filled at a rate of 25-30 per minute of precise size and shape. The consistency of the bags makes for much easier stacking and better levees. Two cubic foot bags of mulch can be filled at 8-10 bags per minute.

The Environmental Bagging System (EBS) can be operating within 20 minutes of boots on the ground at the staging area or flood site. Regardless of where the EBS is used, it will improve response time and will streamline sand bagging operations.

Whether it be critical flooding, flood preparedness, or product recycling, the Environmental Bagging System by Express Scale Parts will reduce your costs and streamline your packaging needs.

Made in the USA

  • Patent Pending
  • ORCA Certified
  • CCR Registered
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